Art by Salisbury


I develop murals around the world to bring people of all backgrounds together to create a work of art that promotes unity while emphasizing diversity and of course beauty through art.  I work with corporations, churches and community organizations to develop the project concept, budget and community engagement plan.  I manage all project production being sure to engage all who want to participate with an emphasis on teamwork.  If you are interested in discussing a project please 

contact me to discuss the possiblities. Large or small your mural can impact the world!

All mural paintings are community produced under my supervision.

Complexo do Alemo Community Center - Rio de Janeiro

A piece dedicated to the children in the favelas (slums) of Rio - July 2013

Ghana School

Bringing together the UK, USA and Ghana


A collaborative painting by Christians across Western Washington

2012 Olympics Mural

In Luton UK commissioned by the SDA church to promote unity

 Uganda Children's Hospital

A collaborative expression by local artists and children

Seattle-US Bank

Bringing together the Rainier Valley community