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Black History Is Year Round

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Historymaker revealed weekly beginning in June to nominate a Black Historymaker 

This past year my art took a new direction.  While I created art, I started to reflect on the many unsung heroes in the Black arts community who were no longer with us.  I recognized that although they have had a great impact on the lives of many, besides musical recordings and google searches, their spirit was forgotten.  I also realized that every year my plate is full in February (Black History Month), as though there is no other time or reason to recognize Black Historymakers.  Did we really matter, or is Black History Month just obligatory?  And if I am feeling this way, others might be feeling this way too.  Especially our children in a world where they are battling racial profiling, discrimination and challenging economic times.

I started to paint images of Black Historymakers in the arts; Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, Gil Scott Heron and the late Whitney Houston.  Their images were immediately recognizable and sparked conversations about their life and their contributions to the world.  I am compelled to expand the images to feature Black Historymakers in various fields, not only to spark conversation but to promote Black History year round and encourage recognition by all people especially our youth who may be discouraged about the current state of America.

This project will encourage the discussion about Black Historymakers daily.  It will engage the public to wonder and suggest who will be next in the series of those who are recognized and who should be recongized.  It will motivate thinking about Black Historymakers through Facebook and Tweets that announce who is unveiled in the series weekly and ask the question about who should be revelaled. 

The Black Historymaker images will be transferred to bookmarks, prints, lithographs, t-shirts, notecards and books through limited edition printing to help fund the project and further extend the message of that Black History is Year Round.  All original work will be featured in a gallery show and then be reproduced for a traveling exhibit to be provided to schools upon request and underwritten by sponsorship.  At the end of the project 52 Black Historymakers will be part of the series but through this process of development and social media exchange many more will be highlighted. 

The goal is to promote the fact that Black History is Year Round!