Art by Salisbury


Positive art does wonders for the heart is the motto behind the art of Eric D. Salisbury SrEric is a multifaceted, artist-teacher-designer-muralist and creates works of art that draw responses which range from smiles and giggles to contemplation and (hmmmm!). His career expands over three decades and his art graces walls, buildings and homes worldwide. 

Childhood Art to Professional Artist

Eric began his illustrious visual arts career by creating a mural above his baby crib. At age 5, while attending kindergarten at Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Elementary School in Compton, California, he received his first Art Award. And at age 11 he was commissioned to create charcoal portraits of Mahalia Jackson that were presented to the famous gospel singer when she visited his school.

While growing up in Compton, he never lost sight of his desire to create art.  He attended the Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles where he received his BFA .  At one point he preempted his career as an artist for spiritual development by doing inner city spiritual work. 

Shortly thereafter Eric was called to the Pacific Northwest where he developed new works, shares his artistic gifts and gives back to the community.

Bodies of Work

His signature works is a series of whimsical brush strokes of dancers, musicians, children and abstract entitled Gestures.  This series evolved early in his career and remains a part of his artistic energy.  He has developed several new bodies of work expanding from the Gesture series to include various subjects such as; Masks, Children, Beautiful People and a Tribute to Jazz Greats.  He is currently working on Abstracts in ink and acrylic and a series of Late Great Entertainers.

Creative Instructor

He has taught children in both summer and after-school programs and now teaches adults who say, "I can't draw a straight line".   

As a Creative Instructor Eric's focus is for students to look at things abstractly and to share with students how to utilize tools of the trade in order that they may express their own personal message through art. He encourages them to explore, so that they may develop their own personal signature style.  As he describes, "My students build the house they dream of building not the house I show them how to build."  He goes further to say, "Art should be positive, even if it is offensive.  It is a form of communication for one to express themselves."  

Under his instruction everyone that studies makes beautiful art, understands art techniques and can develop their own art portfolio. He likes to bring joy and excitement to his students.

Commitment to the Community

Eric believes that his creative gifts are to be used to support the needs of children and families.  With this in mind he has worked with several organizations including; United Negro College Fund, Pacific Northwest Folk Life Festival, Festival Sundiata and others to develop pieces that speak to their mission and help raise awareness and funds. He has also traveled the globe to work with children in third world countries on community art projects.  He volunteers his time to curate shows at C Art Gallery in Seattle to expose diverse new and seasoned artists to the broader community.  As the volunteer Creative Art Director for Of One Body, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to make the world a better place one body at a time, Eric helps to develop art programs and fundraising events.

His art presentations engage young and old to promote community unity, beauty and opportunities to explore and learn.  Eric has worked with youth groups, schools, corporations and nonprofit organizations developing murals and short term learning projects.  Murals grace the streets of Ghana, hospitals in Uganda and walls in Seattle.

Commercial Designer

The diversity of his artistic talents are not limited to fine art.  Eric is an accomplished Commercial Designer and has created graphic work in the form of t-shirts, posters, brochures and advertisements often working with nonprofit organizations and individual small businesses.  His art has graced the cover of many books and he has been sought out to create book illustrations to compliment the work of authors worldwide.

We invite you to contact him to feature his work in a future exhibit or to discuss art lessons, mural development, community projects or commercial needs.