EDS Fine Arts


 I have been blessed to travel the globe sharing my art and my love for humanity.  There are many places that have touched my heart but none more than the children in Kenya and Haiti.  Despite being affected by HIV/AIDS and losing their homes and families through natural disasters and other traumatic experiences these children find solace through the simple things in life and deserve to be loved and cared for.  My gift of painting and the money and joy it brings is dedicated to them and this page features some of my work.  The sale of my art help raise funds to support the children who have lost their homes, their families and at times their hope of seeing a brighter future.  A portion of proceeds for all art sold will be donated to the Nyumbani Children's Home of Kenya and the Art for Orphans program of O1B (ofonebody.org).  I hope you will find something worthwhile to purchase.  Your gift and or purchase will go a long way to change the life of a child through art around the globe! Check out some of my art and photos, contribute and enjoy.